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Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Juday delayed announcement of pregnancy

Judy Ann Santos is now two months pregnant. Juday and husband Ryan Agoncillo are ecstatic about the good news. “I am so very happy. I have been waiting for this for so long after our wedding. I think timing has to do with it and here it is,” said Juday.

Juday was extremely judicious with her statements about her condition because “My OB-Gyne told me wala pang heartbeat so mahirap naman mag-announce. We wanted to be sure because we did not want to give false hope to the public.”

Juday who is working on two movie projects and a television series, admits she would slow down on her projects. “I should be extra careful.”

Juday’s friends and family are very happy about her forthcoming baby. “I am really happy that my sister is pregnant. Thank you for sharing this excitement with us,” said Jeffrey Santos, Juday’s older brother.

“I have seen how you love Yohan and I know how you are as a parent to her. I know that you will love your baby ng bonggang bonga. If you need my advice, I am just here,” said Jackie, Juday’s older sister.

Even Sharon Cuneta is euphoric with the news. ”My heart is so full for you and you deserve talaga this blessing. It is a precious gift from God and so if there’s a couple in this world who deserves a child it’s Juday and Ryan. Congratulations and I will be here with you every step of the way.”

Juday’s mom, Mommy Carol shared her thoughts, “’Yung pinagdaanan niya sa pagpapagamot, ’yung during the time na may diperensiya nga. Naaawa nga ako. Diyos ko, mukhang si Juday pa ang hindi mabubuntis! Eto pa naman pinakamahilig sa bata. Juday took folic acid to strengthen the egg cells. She found it difficult to take in food when she was taking the medication. But despite all the hardships, Juday followed what the doctor told her. So this baby that Juday is carrying now, pinaghirapan niya talaga.”

Juday isn’t just the queen of teleserye. She is also a much loved friend and queen.


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