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Monday, March 8, 2010

Body Talk with Paul Jake Castillo

Is it a minus factor to be rich?

Followers of the recently-concluded ABS-CBN reality-TV Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up Edition suspected that Paul Jake Ceniza Castillo, 25, lost to Melisa “Melai” Cantiveros because he comes from a rich family in Cebu that owns big businesses (among them Casino Alcohol which was endorsed by no less than Kris Aquino). And because she comes from a humble family in GenSan, Melai was said to have gotten the “sympathy” votes just like Nene Tamayo, Ruben Gonzaga, Keanna Reeves and Ejay Falcon before her.

“I never thought of that,” admitted Paul Jake during an exclusive one-on-one (arranged by ABS-CBN PR man Kane Choa) inside Big Brother’s House where he and the four other finalists have remained after the grand finals last Feb. 13 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

“When we entered Big Brother’s house,” he continued, “we were equal, carrying only our clothes, no rich and no poor. We did the same phones, no celfones, no TV, no radio and no contact with the outside world,” except when his girlfriend of three years, Denise Jalandoni, paid him a visit “on-cam.”

Was he disappointed that he didn’t win?

“Honestly, I didn’t want to win. I was scared of the obligations and what people might expect from me.” He bagged P500,000 cash and a laptop (“I haven’t gotten it yet”).

Born (the second among four children) with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth in Baltimore, Maryland, on Dec. 22, 1984 (Capricorn), Paul Jake was raised in Cebu since he was a baby. He finished kindergarten at the Child Development Care Center (CDCC), grade school at the Cebu International School (CIS), high school by home study and college (Business Administration) at the University of San Carlos. He also studied for one year in Christ Church, New Zealand, before entering college.

Paul Jake stands 5’8”, weighs 155 lbs. and wears medium-size shirt and briefs.

How was your diet inside PBB?

“Each of us was given a budget of P500 a week but we had to earn it by accomplishing the tasks. We were given a grocery list. We shared the same food.”

Did you manage to take three square meals a day?

“We couldn’t tell what the time was because there were no clocks around; we told the time by looking at the sun. When it was up, then we assumed that it was lunch time; when it was down, then it must be 4 o’clock p.m. When it was raining, then patay kami doon. Hindi namin malalaman what time it was na. It was Tibo who usually cooked for us. Magaling siya magluto.”

What was usually for breakfast?

“Rice and eggs, sometimes with canned goods from 555. We usually just took two good meals a day, brunch and dinner. When we lost in the weekly tasks, we were fed gulay, gulay, gulay! Healthy diet.”

What was the hardest weekly task?

“Mostly dance numbers; not really that hard.”

Not cleaning the toilet?

“No naman. But it wouldn’t have been hard or a big problem.”

But you are used to having maids at home. How many maids ba do you have?

“Four. But our parents taught us to do household chores. We make our own bed. We don’t order the maids to get (a glass of) water for us; we get it ourselves. D’yan galit ang Papa namin — making the maids do things which we ourselves can do. We are not spoiled. Our family leads a simple life.”

Do you have a sweet tooth?

“Yes. I love chocolates. I missed chocolates inside PBB. The only chocolates we had were Chocnut.”

How much sleep did you get per night?

“I don’t know; we don’t know. I hope we’re getting the required eight hours. But we have no way of telling.”

Favorite sleep wear?

“Pajamas and shorts.”

Never in the nude?

“No way. Remember, there were cameras all over.”

At home, what’s your favorite sleep wear?

“Shorts also.”

Do you snore?

“Yes, but only when I’m very tired.”

Do you talk in your sleep?

“I actually do. But since I’m a light sleeper, I wake up before I can say something incriminating. Hehehehe!”

Do you sleepwalk?

“Thank God, I don’t. But I think I did once — yes, inside PBB.”

How many pillows do you sleep with?

“Inside PBB, three. At home, three also.”

When you woke up in the morning, did you and the other housemates fight for time in the bathroom?

“There’s one rest room and one shower room. Each of us was allowed to use the bathroom for five minutes.”

Did you have time to work out?

“There’s a treadmill and there are weights, available to anybody who wants to work out. Kapag walang task, nagwo-work out kami. I actually developed some muscles inside PBB. I was thinner before I got inside PBB.”
Favorite sport?

“Football and airsoft (war games).”

What part of your body needs improvement?

“My tummy.”

What part is most vulnerable?

“My head. When I’m stressed out, I get a headache.”

And what part of your body is your favorite?

“My shoulders.”

What part of a girl’s body do you notice first?

“Her face.”

How do you cope with stress?

“Inside PBB, the stress was caused by missing your family. I coped with it by working out, enjoying the tasks, keeping in shape and exchanging stories with the housemates.”

What’s your favorite pastime?

“I just hang out with friends, we drink kaunti. My friends come from all social levels, rich and poor, different types. I don’t look at people as mayaman or mahirap. I hate people who are matapobre. We were not brought up that way.”

When you want to get away from it all, where do you go?

“Well, I leave Cebu and fly to Manila to visit my girlfriend. She’s working in Manila once a month.”
Are you faithful?


How do you deal with temptation, hmmmm, from over-aggressive women?

“I haven’t found myself in that situation. Honestly? I won’t give in.”

Your outlook in life?

“I worry a bit but generally, I look at the positive side of life.”

Name three women you think have nice bodies.

“Aside from my girlfriend? I can name just one, Kate Beckinsale.”

And three men?

“I hardly look at a man’s body.”

Using only body language, how would you make a woman know that you admire her?

“Maybe I would so something unintentional that I may not be aware of. I really don’t know!”
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Nikki's brave move with originals

There is hope for original Filipino music yet. Why not, just when I thought I was destined to spend these coming months groaning under the weight of those all covers albums, going Oh no, not another one, and another one, I get welcome news.

Nikki Gil has released a new CD and there is not a single oldie in it. That’s right, all of you out there in despair about the moribund state of Filipino music, here is what you have been waiting for. We can now start wishing that other artists would follow her lead.

The album is Somebody To Love and it is Nikki’s third release. It is a brave move in our time of cover versions and oldies revivals, and she knows it and she’s proud of it. “My new album will mark my contribution to OPM and it has something for everyone.”

Like Nikki’s singing, which goes from pop to soul to hints of jazz, the CD is a mixed bag of styles. What holds the whole thing together is really Nikki and I am glad to say that she has improved tremendously as a vocalist since her first two albums. She now has fuller, deeper tones and although there is really nothing here calling for vocal calisthenics, it is easy to tell that Nikki has also widened her vocal range.

Fan or no fan, you will like what she has done to these songs. And this is made all the more surprising by the all-original line-up. Since Nikki got to the compositions, first hand, she had nobody to copy while recording the songs, so the interpretations here are all her own.

First single out is Somebody To Love which was composed by Nikki’s sister Dani. She also wrote another Nikki single from the second album, Hear My Heart. The ones I like best though are her take on Hale’s Kung Wala Ka, an unlikely choice that worked beautifully; and the duet You Are My Life, which was composed by and features Billy Crawford. There must be something good in what is going on between these two as they really sound great together.

Here are the other songs included and I will list down all the songwriters, who might just be behind the next single from Nikki’s CD. Time And Again by Mark Vincent Manansala; Don’t Break My Heart by Marcus Davis; Bawa’t Hakbang by Divine Gil-Reyes and Dan Gil; Magbabalik Ka Pa Ba? by Arnie Mendaros; I Will Be Loving You by Wency Cornejo; I’ll Be Yours by David Pomeranz, Tammy Hyler and Kurt Howell; Last Love by Jaye Muller and Ben Patton; and I Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard.

Watch Nikki perform songs from the album at Robinsons Malls in Manila and Luzon on March 12, Manila; March 13, Metroeast; March 14, Imus; March 26, Galleria; April 9 Lipa; April 10, Pampanga; and April 11, Sta. Rosa.
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Ruffa Gutierrez gets pulled out of ‘The Buzz’

A furious Annabelle Rama pulled out her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez from “The Buzz” (March 7 episode).

“Nagpaalam ako kay Charo [Santos, ABS-CBN President], kay Cory [Vidanes, Channel Head] at kay Linggit Tan [Entertainment Head] na ipu-pull out ko na si Ruffa. I didn’t tell them what the reason [was]. Pero ngayon, dahil sa ginawa niya [Kris] kay Ruffa, I have to tell the taong bayan: Kaya ko pinull-out si Ruffa sa ‘The Buzz,’ unang-una, [‘yung] pambabara ni Kris kay Ruffa, hindi ko na ma-take!” the Gutierrez matriarch blurted on “Showbiz Central,” via phone patch.

“Ako nagsabi na, ‘Umalis ka na diyan.’ Gusto pa niyang magtrabaho, sabi ko ‘Hindi! Umalis ka na ngayon din diyan. Aapihin ka na naman ni Kris Aquino, wag na!’” she added.

The two female hosts, together with Boy Abunda, were exchanging opinions on the “P.O.V. (Points, Opinions, Violent reactions)” segment when Kris teased the former beauty queen, “Ruffa, aminin mo, ibang level ang saya dito.”

Kris was seemingly referring to Ruffa’s supposed transfer to TV5, where she was offered to do a showbiz talk show with entertainment writer and former “The Buzz” host Cristy Fermin.

Ruffa, turning teary-eyed, told the Queen of All Media: “I know. You don’t have to rub it in, Kris. Siyempre, I’m sad din. ‘Wag mo naman sana, you know, dagdagan.”

Real life BFFs Kris and Boy were chuckling, while Ruffa turned a bit more emotional.

“We run in circles, we don’t say goodbye,” quipped Boy.

“And ano ka ba, we’re neighbors!” added Kris, directing to Ruffa.

According to Annabelle, it’s not the first time that Kris cut her daughter off.

“Ako, nanay ako. Ako, nagdurugo ang puso ko kapag si Ruffa umiyak na sa bahay. ‘Pag uwi ng bahay ni Ruffa, umiyak na ‘yan sa’kin sabi, ‘Ma, binabara na naman ako ni Kris.’ Siya nga lagi kong inaaway, ‘Bakit hindi ka lumalaban Ruffa? Bakit hindi ka lumalaban sa Kris Aquino na ‘yan? Sino ba siya?’

“Hindi pa nga nanalo ‘yung kapatid niya ang yabang-yabang na niya! What more kung mananalo ‘yang si Noynoy, lalong ang buong showbiz aapi-apihin niya. Hindi naman tama ‘yung ganyan!” she bellowed.

The sharp-tongued talent manager went on to insinuate that Kris, whom she alleged feels jealous of Ruffa, asked her daughter to campaign for her brother Noynoy, pro-bono.

“Biro mo kinukuha niya si Ruffa mangampanya kay Noynoy. Walang bayad, um-oo na ko. Wala akong komisyon, um-oo na rin ko. Dapat makisama siya kay Ruffa. Wala na ngang bayad ang pagkakampanya [ni] Ruffa, inaapi-api pa niya!”

When “Showbiz Central” host Pia Guanio asked Annabelle to air her message for her daughter, she hinted that she’s better off with “the other station” because “walang naiinggit sa kanya doon.”

“Ruffa, alam ko adik ka sa trabaho. Alam ko ‘yan. Pero sa ‘pag trabaho mo naman, ginaganun-ganun ka [ng] mga kasama mo, hindi na rin tama ‘yan. Kaya tama na ‘yung pinaalis kita. Mabuti na nakinig ka sa nanay mo. At least naalis ka na.

“Doon sa kabilang istasyon, meron doong peace of mind. Walang naiinggit sa kanya doon. Walang mambabara-bara sa kanya doon. Kaya okay na rin ‘yun na hindi siya babalik sa ‘The Buzz’,” she said.

An hour or so before Annabelle’s interview, Ruffa tweeted, “:'((,“ which is an emoticon for “crying.”

Her brother, Raymond, also intimidated about the ruckus on their rival show during one of his spiels:

“Ako po ay masaya dahil kami po dito sa ‘Showbiz Central’ po ay may unity at lahat po kami dito ay may respeto sa isa’t-isa. Lahat po ng mga co-host ko dito tinatrato ko bilang kaibigan at ‘yan po ay walang halong kaplastikan.”

At around 7 p.m., Ruffa updated her Twitter account, saying:

“Just got babies gave me the biggest hug when I walked in. This is what truly matters. Family n loved ones :)

“Finally smiling while watching ‘Going Bulilit’ with the kiddies. Thank u for all the love twitterworld! Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat!”

Kris has also aired her side on the matter via the social microblogging site.

“I invite everybody to review Buzz- my comment was said w/ affection & a sense of fun. Now if they will choose to lambast my brother... who wasn't even on the Buzz, makes me wonder what the true agenda is- para siraan si Noy? I'd like to believe Filipino voters r intelligent & will continue supporting Noy because he is the best man for the job,” said the host-actress.

Ruffa again tweeted around more or less a quarter after 8 p.m., saying she wished she was able to give a “proper goodbye” on the show.

“Sana man lang I was given the chance to say goodbye properly to my colleagues on the Buzz who I've grown to love like family over the... Last 3yrs. Kung may ayaw sa akin sa the Buzz, may mga may gusto din po sa akin. Sana nabigyan po ako ng chance para magpaalam sa mga.. Nagmamahal din po sa akin. Kahit dalawang piraso pa sila, karapatan ko rin namang magpaalam ng maayos. I'm just trying to do my job...

She also admitted that the atmosphere on the set “was far from pleasant.”

“This is not the first time. I'm also very diplomatic n can laugh about anything. Off-cam, the situation was far from pleasant,” Ruffa said.

In spite of the brouhaha, Ruffa assured that she is still with “Team Noynoy.”

“Yes, registered…Voters like me will certainly vote wisely. No need to make sira...I AM TEAM NOYNOY! But between now n the May elections many things can... still happen. Its what name I will write that will clearly matter in the end.”

She ended with: “I would like to enjoy my time w/loved ones now. Salamat po… sa lahat ng tumawag, nag txt. Thank u. I leave everything up to God. Peace and love to all!!! I love you Twitterworld! :)”

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN, via their Corporate Communications department, released this statement:

“Sa tatlong taon na pagsasama ni Kris at Ruffa sa The BUZZ, nakita namin ang pagiging magkaibigan nila. Walang intensyon si Kris na saktan si Ruffa sa programa. Pero kung hindi man nagustuhan ni Ruffa ang nangyari, walang dudang maaayos nila ang anumang isyu sa pagitan nila sa isang mahusay na pag-uusap.”

Ruffa’s supposed final appearance on “The Buzz” will be on March 14
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Jason Francisco denies he’s using Melai Cantiveros

Ex-“PBB” housemate Jason Francisco slammed accusations that he is using his girlfriend, “Pinoy Big Brother” Big Winner Melai Cantiveros, for money.

“Ako naman, may sarili akong gusto. May sarili po siya na buhay. Bakit ko siya pakikialaman? Ang pakialam ko lang po sa kanya ay girlfriend ko po siya,” Jason explained on “The Buzz.”

While they are so much in love now, as witnessed by “Melason in Love” viewers and fans, Jason admitted he is still uncertain if their love for each other will be forever.

“‘Di ko po masasabi kasi maraming bagay na dapat pa kaming pagdaanan. Dapat lagi kaming nag-uusap araw-araw para maayos ‘yung mga bagay na hindi namin naiintindihan para hindi kami magkalabuan po,” he said.

While Melai—who sported a new look during the interview with her straight hair—has the same uncertainty, she hopes that Jason is “the one.”

The Inday Kengkay assured those who doubt her fluency in the English language that she is better at writing in English than speaking it in casual conversations.
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Fans rally behind Kris Aquino against Annabelle Rama

Fans of Kris Aquino came to the defense of the beleaguered TV host after Ruffa Gutierrez's camp lambasted their idol on national television.

The loquacious sister of presidential candidate Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino, had herself embroiled in a controversy again; this, after making a comment on Ruffa's planned transfer to TV5 in the "P.O.V" segment of last Sunday’s "The Buzz" episode.

"Ruffa, aminin mo, ibang level ang saya dito," Kris told the surprised Ruffa who, apparently got hurt, retorting, "Well, I know. You don't have to rub it in, Kris. Siyempre, I'm sad din, so sana huwag mo namang, you know, dagdagan."

Ruffa was already near tears even as she mouthed her reply to Kris.

Ruffa is set to host a new talk show together with Cristy Fermin and Mo Twister that will collide head on with "The Buzz." She is supposed to do two more episodes of “The Buzz.”

After Ruffa walked out of the show, her mom and manager, the feisty Annabelle Rama, made a statement on rival network GMA-7, lambasting Kris for the latter’s supposed “arrogance” and protracted “bullying.”

Kris’ fans were seemingly hurt with the outburst, and as such made their sentiments felt via the kris_aquino yahoo group.

One fan wailed: “Tumaas ata ang BP ko kanina. I don’t find Kris’ statement offensive at all. Annabelle said na they got fed up of Kris’ supposedly bullying Ruffa every week. What a coincidence? Bakit ngayon lang sila nagreklamo? What a timing. Kung kelan lilipat si Ruffa. It’s not Kris’ fault that Ruffa is not that WITTY. Na hindi makasabay si Ruffa sa kanya. This is just a gimik. But Annabelle, this is not a good gimik. Dahil, natapakan na ang pagkatao ni Kris dito. At dinamay mo pa si Noy. How pathetic of yours [sic] to get the attention and sympathy from the people.”

“Wah! After ng saya, intriga galore na naman! Tsk Tsk! Maiipit c KA [Kris Aquino] dito. I must admit it was a tactless move on her part but I’m sure she didn’t mean to hurt anyone at all. Ruffa was so emotional about her leaving ABS-CBN… made her extra sensitive. We can’t blame her kung ganon reaction niya. Pero, grabe ha! OA naman reaction nila DJ Mo and Raymond G! As if Kris did something na makakapekto sa ikakaganda ng bayan! Come on! Just because you’re not Pro-Noynoy!” said another.

A supporter advised Kris to apologize, only to renege on it.

“Kris, be extra careful next time ha and just say your apology very graciously. I’ll pray that this issue will end well and faster than expected.

“Wait! I take back what I said kanina! Wag ka na magsorry! Ok lng na umiyak si Ruffa dahil baka emotional lng talaga sa pag-alis..nagpakaOA na pala ang bruha! Wag ka na magsorry Kris! Please lang!”

That said, Kris has apologized not only to Ruffa but to Annabelle as well.

“I had dinner with Noy tonight after his TV shoot. He told me ‘di raw ba pwede na may quiet Sunday kami? And he asked why siya nadadamay when he’s not even part of ‘The Buzz.’ I would like to extend a loving hug to Ruffa. I viewed the tape and although I still feel I gave my comment with affection, maybe it made her feel even worse because she’s now moving in a new direction. We had what I believed was a good working relationship in the almost two years we were together on 'The Buzz.'

“I can also understand that Ruffa’s mom dislikes Noynoy and my family, maybe because of association and our proclamation of admiration for Dingdong and his selfless contribution to help Noy’s presidential bid.

“It is with Ruffa that I enjoyed a healthy relationship with and I only have good words to say about her. To Ruffa, I sincerely apologize for causing you hurt. My brother Noynoy would like to add that we live in a democracy where we are free to make our own choice for president.”
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Melai, excited sa halikan kay Sam Milby!

NAKAHARAP na nga nina Melisa Cantiveros at Jason Francisco sina Maja Salvador at Sam Milby, na makakasama nila sa unang pagsabak nila sa pag-arte. At nga­yon pa lang, tinutukso na si Melai sa posibilidad na maghalikan sila ni Sam.

Sabi ni Melai, excited siya sa halikan nila ni Sam, pero dahil first time raw niya, ipauubaya niya lahat kay Sam ang mga dapat gawin. Basta daw siya ay ipipikit na lang niya ang kanyang mga mata.

Anyway, tuloy ang kilig at tawanan sa Melason in Love sa ABS-CBN. Matapos makipag-date ni Jason kay Lucia, gumimik din ito kasama ang iba pang C4 boys na sina Paul Jake, Johan, at Tibo. Sumama raw ang loob ni Melai dahil sa nangyari sa boys night out. Paano susuyuin ni Jason si Melai?
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Kasal kay Kristine sa Tate, itinanggi ni Oyo Sotto!

SA kauna-unahang pagkakataon ay magsasama ang magdyowang Kristine Hermosa at Oyo Sotto sa Precious Hearts Romances (PHR) ng ABS-CBN. At ito na nga ba ang last project nina Kristine at Oyo bilang single, dahil tuloy na tuloy na ang kasal nila?

Sa pictorial at promo shoot ng PHR presents Quikilig “Lumang Piso para sa Puso”, nagsalita na si Oyo tungkol sa ‘kasal’ umano nila ni Kristine.

“If ever na dumating ‘yung time na ikakasal kami, everyone will know. Pero kung anuman ‘yung meron kami ngayon, I just want it to be private. Pero hindi totoo ‘yun na nagpakasal na kami ni Tin sa Amerika,” sabi ni Oyo.

Anyway, ang Lumang Piso para sa Puso ay tungkol sa isang babae na dahil sa mahigpit na pangangailangan sa pera ay mapipilitang ibenta ang antique coin na pagmamay-ari ng kanyang yumaong lola. Ibinenta ito ni Sandra (Kristine) sa isang may-ari ng hobby shop at coin collector na si Dave (Oyo). Ngunit matapos magamit ni Sandra ang pera, nagsimula namang magpakita sa kanyang mga panaginip ang lola niya, na parang ipinahihiwatig na mahalaga sa kanya ang ipinagbili ng apo. Dahil desidido si Sandra na makuhang muli ang old coin ng lola, wala siyang ibang solusyon na naisip kundi nakawin ito mula kay Dave! Magtagumpay kaya si Sandra sa kanyang plano?
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Eugene Domingo, nag-init kay Wendell Ramos!

ag-init siya sa mga eksena nila ni Wendell Ramos sa SRO Cinemaserye Presents Hot Mama. Sex therapist kasi ang role niya rito na nagbibigay na advice sa sex at sensuwalidad ng tao.

“Sari-sari na ang role models ko rito. Margarita Holmes. Merong Agnes Bueno at higit sa lahat, Mr. CariƱoso! Ha! Ha! Ha!” natatawang bungad na sambit ni Uge.

Teka, eh virgin pa siya kaya paano siya nag-internalize sa role niya?

“Siyempre, pagagandahin mo ang role mo. Parang kaakit-akit! Ahhh... Hmmm... Uhhhhh Laging ganoon na para kang pinapasukan ng kung anu-ano! Ha! Ha! Ha!
“Akala mo laging sinasapian. Kasi sa radyo siya nagbibigay ng advice,” kuwento ng komedyana.
Mabuti naman at naisingit niya itong sa SRO sa dami ng kanyang ginagawa?

“Katatapos ko lang ng Working Girls at nagsimula na ako sa Here Comes The Bride. Magsisimula na rin ako kay Mother Lily. Naayos na naman (ang problema nila ni Mother Lily) sa awa ng Diyos.

“Excited din ako dahil dadaan ako sa campus ng First Time. Kaya naman! Kelan tayo magsisipag kung uugud-ugod na tayo?” sambit niya.

Paano natapos ang alitan nila ni Mother Lily?

“Basta, tapos na tapos na ‘yon? Alam mo kung kanino galit si Mot­her ngayon? Sa iyo, kasi inuungkat mo pa! Ha! Ha! Ha!” buwelta sa akin ni Eugene.

Ano ba ang ginawa nila ni Wendell at nag-init siya rito?

“Kinaya ko naman si Wendell! Pero, nag-init talaga ako! Aaminin ko, nag-init ako sa kanya! Ha! Ha! Ha! Tao naman ako, ‘no?” pag-amin ni Eugene.

Pero, wala pa ba siyang boyfriend ngayon?

“Wala! Sabi kasi nila, nai-intimidate ang mga lalaki kasi mala­kas daw ang dating ko. Artista raw. Ngayon, nananawagan ako. Huwag na kayong ma-intimidate! Puwede na kayong lumapit! Ha! Ha! Ha!” natatawang panawagan pa ni Eugene sa mga lalaki.
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Nancy Castiglione, umaming retokada!

Sina Rhian Ramos, Nancy Castiglione, ang drift champ na si Alex Perez at ang newest PLDT myDSL endorser na si Ton Vergel de Dios ang humarap sa entertainment press sa Watchpad Crew Search launch.

Dahil noon lamang siya muling nakausap ng entertainment press, ang pagbabago ng kanyang mukha ang itinanong kay Nancy ng mga reporter.

Bago nag-umpisa ang open forum, sinagot na ni Nancy ang tanong ng press people, na wala siyang ipinaretoke sa kanyang mukha.

Pero iba ang sagot ni Nancy nang nakaupo na sila nina Rhian, Ton at Alex sa presidential table.

Apparently, hindi inaasahan ni Nancy na muling tatanungin ang tungkol sa kanyang mukha. Nagsa­lita muna si Nancy ng “Hindi pa ba tapos (ang isyu) ‘yan?” bago siya umamin na ang kanyang ilong lang ang ipinaayos niya.

Nagkatinginan ang mga reporter na kausap ni Nancy dahil hindi nila akalain ang mabilis na pagbabago ng statement ng nagbabalik-showbiz na aktres.

Ayon kay Nancy, bukod sa ilong na ipinaayos, nagbago ang kanyang mukha dahil dalawang anak ang inaalagaan niya. Natural daw na mangarag ang kanyang itsura.
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Geoff Eigenmann, super-bantay kay Carla Abellana!

SINA Dingdong Dantes at Carla Abellana ang mga host ng grand coronation night ng Bb. Pilipinas 2010 na ginanap sa Araneta Coliseum nung Sabado ng gabi. Binantayan ni Geoff Eigenmann si Carla at parang siya ang personal photographer ng dalaga dahil panay ang kuha niya ng litrato.

Hindi masyadong napansin ng Araneta Coliseum audience ang presence ni Geoff dahil sa kanyang suot na yellow baseball cap.
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Krista Kleiner at Venus Raj, top winners sa Bb. Pilipinas 2010! Czarina Gatbonton, ‘luto’ ang panalo sa Bb. Pilipinas-World?

SINA Krista Arrieta Kleiner aka Krissa Mae Arrieta, Venus Raj at Czarina Catherine Gatbonton ang top winners sa grand coronation night ng Bb. Pilipinas 2010 na ginanap sa Araneta Coliseum noong Sabado nang gabi.

Si Krista ang nanalo ng Bb. Pilipinas-International crown, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe title-holder si Venus at Bb. Pilipinas-World ang beauty title na nakuha ni Catherine.

First runner-up si Dianne Necio at 2nd runner-up si Helen Nicolette Henson. Si Krista ang Best in Swimsuit winner at Best in Gown si Venus. Natagalan ang deliberation ng judges dahil nahirapan sila sa pagpili ng mga mananalo.

Shocked ang audience sa loob ng Araneta Coliseum nang i-announce ang pangalan ni Cat­herine bilang winner ng Bb. Pilipinas-World title.

May mga na­rinig kami na nagsalita na “luto” ang pagkakapanalo ni Catherine dahil hindi nila matanggap ang sagot ng newly-crowned beauty queen sa question and answer portion at ang pagsagot niya sa wikang Filipino.

Si Catherine ang nanalo ng Reader’s Choice special award at ang pangalan ng foreign judge na si Golan Alex ang nabunot ni Dingdong Dantes para magtanong sa kanya.

“Given another life to live, what do you like to be and why?” ang tanong ni Golan kay Catherine.

Ang sagot ni Catherine? “Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. Akin pong sasagutin ang inyong katanu­ngan sa ating sariling wika, ang wikang Pilipino. Kung ako po’y pagbibigyan muli ng isa pang buhay, mas gugustuhin ko po na maging hala.. puno. Puno na nagbibigay sa atin ng hininga.

Nagbibigay sa atin ng buhay. Maraming salamat po.”

Wala nang magagawa ang mga nagrereklamo sa tagumpay ni Catherine dahil sa kanya ipinagkaloob ng mga hurado ang Bb. Pilipinas-World crown.

Mababaw man ang kanyang sagot dahil umiral ang kaba, nangibabaw ang Filipina beauty ni Catherine at kumpiyansa niya sa sarili na gamitin sa pagsagot ang ating sariling wika.

Hindi si Catherine ang kauna-unahang beauty queen na sinagot sa wikang Filipino ang English question. Noong 1988, napanalunan ni Anthea Robles ang Bb. Pilipinas-International title. Tinanong si Anthea ng judge sa wikang

Ingles at tulad ni Catherine, si­nagot niya ang tanong sa wikang Filipino.
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