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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Karylle swimsuit malfunction!!!

Kung noon nauso ang s*x video scandal. Ano naman itong pinapauso ngayon? Wardrobe malfunction? Nipple slip?

After the much talked about and incredibly high internet hits of Anne Curtis' swimsuit malfunction in ASAP XV's Boracay show last March 21, si Karylle naman ngayon ang target sa mga online networking sites. Why, because she has an alleged scandalous nipple slip on the same event during a song number with Yeng Constantino and Vina Morales.
It really turns out that ASAP XV's Boracay show was a disaster. Publicity or not, fault man ng wardrobe assistant or not, artist should better be careful or else... sorry.

But just 6 hours ago, TV journalist Marie Lozano clarified via her Twitter account that Karylle was wearing a nipple tape during the said incident, so wala talagang makikita. Her statement was seconded by model-host Phoemela Baranda also on her twitter account.

I decided to post the shaded copy of the alleged Karylle nip-slip picture and keep the original copy to myself. Why? we better leave Karylle alone. Besides, who would want your pic, with your right boob popping out of its comfort zone, being the feast of public eye.
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