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Monday, January 25, 2010

Jomari Yllana to bring American Idol 2009 winner and two big-name groups for two-night show

Matapos dalhin dito sa Pilipinas last year sina David Cook at David Archuleta, ang 2009 American Idol winner naman na si Kris Allen ang dadalhin ng Fearless Productions sa ating bansa.

Kamakailan ay nakausap ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Jomari Yllana (isa sa bumubuo ng Fearless together with the Singson brothers Ryan and Cong. Ronald). Binanggit nito ang tungkol sa Musicfest 2010 with Kris Allen, Jabbawockeez, at Boyce Avenue.

Dalawang gabi ang concert, pero mangyayari sa dalawang magkaiba ring lugar—una sa SM Cebu Open Grounds on February 5, Friday, at the next night sa McKinley Hill Open Grounds sa Taguig City, February 6, Saturday.

"Bagong venue yun," tukoy ni Jomari tungkol sa SM Cebu Open Grounds.

"We're trying to penetrate yung market sa Cebu," ani Jomari. 'Tapos we—si Ronald at ako—we always try to make something new, laging bago. Sobrang bago itong ginagawa namin. Tatlong malalaking grupo ito.

"Kasali ang [dance group na] Jabaawockeez at [ang bandang] Boyce Avenue. Pag pinasok mo si Kris Allen na mag-isa, it would look like a normal concert ng isang artist, ganyan. So, definitely, yung market namin na inaabot, pambata," sabi pa ni Jomari.

May rason kung bakit gusto nilang ma-capture ang market sa Cebu.

"We need to ano, kasi, kailangan namin ng malaking show for Cebu ng pre-Valentine, kasi we plan on doing something for Cebu, for Sinulog 2011. So kailangan naming makita yung market."

Ayaw pang i-reveal ni Jomari kung ano ang plano nila for the Sinulog Festival next year.

"Malayo pa yun."

Kung nagpa-concert sila ng dalawang David's, bakit hindi Kris at Adam Lambert (runner-up ni Kris) this time?

"Hindi, e. Kasi gusto nga namin iba. Pag ginawa namin yun, it's just like doing two David's. So iyon."

Hindi raw sila nahirapan na kunin si Kris.

"Finalized na yun. Yung nahirapan sa pagkuha sa kanya, hindi naman."

JOM'S DREAM ARTIST. May tinatarget pa ba na malaking-malaking foreign artists ang Fearless for their upcoming events?

"Hindi kami maka-mention ng names hangga't hindi siya selyado, e. But we have big names for this year," sagot ni Jom.

Pero kung dream artist talaga, isa lang ang gusto ni Jom na makuha.

"Dream artist ko? U2!"

So bakit di nila kunin ng Fearless?

"Pahingi ng mga tatlong dolyar," tumatawang sagot niya.

"Pag meron kang tatlong milyong dolyar, siguro ayan kunin natin ang U2. Ha-ha-ha!"

JOMARI IN CONCERT. Bukod sa pagpo-produce, kinakarir na rin ni Jomari ang pagkanta.

In fact, kasali siya sa Forever Love, isang Valentine concert on February 12 and 14 na magtatampok sa kanya at kina Kuh Ledesma at Christopher de Leon sa Captain's Bar ng Mandarin Oriental.

"Wala, hindi ko naman pinaplano, e. Pinasok nila ako sa Celebrity Duets, e nag-e-enjoy ako sa pagkanta, masarap pala. Yung support nila sa akin kumpleto 'tapos parang gina-guide pa nila ako, kino-coach pa nila ako. E, masarap pala."

Hindi naman daw niya first time na mag-concert.

"Ah, hindi. Nagge-guest-guest na rin ako sa mga concerts. I did a fund-raiser, benefit concert nung January 15 for the Archdiocese of Lingayen, Dagupan. Ako ang opening act, ako ang nag-opening medley," pagmamalaki ni Jomari.

LINKED TO RADHA. Tinanong naman ng PEP si Jomari tungkol sa isyung inili-link sila ng singer na si Radha Cuadrado. Si Radha ay ang apo ng aktres na si Lolita Rodriguez at dating isa sa mga singers ng R&B group na Kulay.

"Wala, ganun talaga. Wala lang. Ano 'yan, e...ako accepted ko na yung fact na kahit sinong kasama ko, 'tsaka kahit anong gender ng taong kasama ko, na lagi na nakikitang kasama ko, e, laging natsitsismis sa akin," nangingiting sabi ni Jom.

Kahit anong gender, meaning pati bading.

"Oo," ngiti uli ni Jomari.

At kailan naman siya huling natsismis sa bading?

"Siguro 5 to 6 years ago pa. Pero laging ganun, siguro kakambal ko na yun."

So ano nga ang totoo between him and Radha?

"There's nothing going on. We're business partners. 'Tapos she's my assistant for now.

"For now kasi I have plans of launching her career again. So I'm just giving her time. So, in a way, nag-a-assist siya for me, tinatago ko sa TV, tinatago ko sa lahat, kasi balak ko siyang i-launch sometime April.

"Buo na kasi yung managing and imaging agency ko, e. Nabuo siya nung December. Namimili pa kami ng name. Baka, 'In Tone.' She is talent number one, siya yung unang kinuha ko. I'm managing her."

Hindi kaya lalo silang matsismis?

"Okey lang, para mas may intriga, para mas pag-usapan," tumatawang tugon ni Jomari.
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Geoff Eigenmann welcomes criticisms positively

Being the son of two great actors can be both a blessing and a curse. And that's exactly what Geoff Eigenmann—son of award-winning actors Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa—had to deal with following the conclusion of the primetime series, Rosalinda.

While the series provided Geoff and love team partner Carla Abellana a good vehicle to launch their tandem, the project, likewise, made the pair vulnerable to criticisms from outside parties when it comes to their performance.

Geoff acknowledged his limitations seriously but at the same time takes a positive outlook at things.

"As an actor and person, you're always learning din naman, you're always growing. Marami pa talaga akong dapat matutunan. I wouldn't mind taking classes under my mom or with other people para makuha ko rin 'yong ideas nila," Geoff told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last January 21, during a lunch interview at Aresi's restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

He assumes a defiant stance against criticisms in general, saying, "Sige, say anything you want. I'll just prove you wrong in the end."

ASKING MOM'S OPINION. Soliciting suggestions from his mother is not a big problem either. Geoff revealed Gina's enthusiasm in discussing every subject dealing with acting and the necessary mindset in portraying a character.

"As much as possible, ayoko, since I would rather tackle things on my own," replied Geoff with a grin when asked if he regularly consults his mother for recommendations.

"Pero my mom kasi is very hands on and metikulosa rin. Kunwari kagabi nanood siya ng The Last Prince [the primetime fantasy series where Geoff and Carla have special roles] 'tapos may hindi siya nagustuhan, lalapit agad 'yan and sasabihin niya kung anong opinion niya. 'Pag may bagong script na dumating or eksena na hindi ko alam, I always approach her kung may idea siya or tips."

And just like his parents and brothers, Geoff mentioned his desire to take on offbeat roles far from the usual clean cut characters he is commonly associated with.

His matinee idol image won't stand in the way, guaranteed Geoff: "Any dark role, challenge 'yan, e. No matter how deep or light the character may be, how you portray that role is still your own take... anything that goes deep into the mind and heart, something that really touches you, why not."
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Luis Manzano says drama is more demanding than action

Luis Manzano had to give up his hosting job in Entertainment Live for ABS-CBN's new talent show, Pilipinas Got Talent.

"I will be gone for six weeks, since I have to go around the Philippines for PGT," Luis said in an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) recently. Luis will tour with co-host Billy Crawford to scout for Pinoy talents who'll peform in front of celebrity judges Kris Aquino, Ai-Ai delas Alas, and former ABS-CBN president Freddie M. Garcia.

Aside from PGT, Luis is slated to start a movie with the Young Superstar Judy Ann Santos and Popstar Princess and box-office queen Sarah Geronimo. "The title of the movie is Hating Kapatid," informed Luis about his movie with Juday and Sarah which will be under Viva Films.

GOING TO THE GYM. Despite his busy schedule, Luis always makes it a point to go to the gym to workout. Luis does this not only to keep his muscles in proportion, but because of the health benefits of keeping one's body in shape.

But not too many know, that aside from lifting weights and running the treadmill, Luis trains in the Thai martial art, muaythai or Thai boxing, a striking art that uses the "eight limbs" (for punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing). Luis revealed that he's been honing his muaythai skills for four years now.

In fact, in one interview with ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin, she was thankful Luis did not accept her challenge to spar with her in muaythai. Angel has been doing muaythai after her Asian Treasures stint, and was trying to see how serious Luis was in courting her then.

"Buti na lang, di ako pinatulan. Magaling pala sa muay si Luis," Angel said in that interview.

But how good is Luis really in muaythai?

"Ah, that's for my coach to answer, he-he-he!" Luis humbly said.

Videos of Luis doing padwork and light sparring somewhere in YouTube show the young actor—who used to be greeted by his Star for All Seasons and now Batangas Governor mom with "I love you, Lucky" in her show VIP (Vilma In Person) back in the '80s—really knows how to throw those punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes.

MMA TRAINING. And recently, Luis revealed he's now into mixed martial arts or mma. This style of combat sport, which was popularized by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), involves the use of punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, throwing and different submission moves like choking and arm locking. Luis has been training under Anthony Chua of Gold's Gym.

Since Luis is so much into combat sports, PEP asked him if he has any plans of competing in local versions of the UFC, like the Fearless Fighting Championships (FFC) and the Universal Reality Combat Championships (URCC).

"If I have the time, I would like to compete," Luis replied. The actor knows a few hours of grappling, striking, and strength and conditioning in the gym will not win him even one round in a professional mma match.

The same problem with time applied to his love life last year after his breakup with the very civic-minded Angel. He has no time to woo other girls or even go on a date.

"I was too busy. And I was out of the country [after the breakup]," related Luis.

Luis was out of the country then for the shooting of his movie with mom Vilma Santos-Recto and John Lloyd Cruz. In My Life, his blockbuster drama movie with his mother and Lloydie, was partly shot in New York. The movie saw Luis doing heavy drama with the Star for All Seasons and the young Box-Office King.

DRAMA IS MORE DEMANDING. Luis admitted that despite his height, his built, his looks and his skills that read "Action Star," he is more at home and finds more challenge in doing drama, especially, the heavy ones.

"I think drama is more fulfilling. It has more demands, more emotions used," explained Luis.

The 28-year-old actor's preference to do drama is not surprising. He is, afterall, the son of two top caliber and award-winning actors: Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano, both of whom shine brightly, especially, when doing drama scenes.

But right now, both his parents are in a different world—the world of politics. While Ate Vi had already served his constituents and is planning to serve them more by winning a reelection, Doods, plan to serve a greater number of people once elected as the second most powerful man in the country.
PEP asked Luis if he is going to set aside his busy schedule to help his parents come campaign time.

"I cannot. Good thing my parents both respect my schedule and my commitments," Luis said.

Speaking of commitments, PEP asked him about his experience as a new "certified concert artist." Luis, together with his Kanto Boys co-members—John Lloyd, Billy, and Vhong Navarro—performed live in Cebu last January 9.

"It was successful!" enthused Luis. "I was nervous beforehand, but I was able to feed off from the people. Iba talaga ang mga Cebuano. Then a big sigh of relief and accomplishment after."

HIS EX'S ISSUE. Recently, Angel was reportedly involved in an argument with a Twitter user over a fake Wikipedia-like site. The site irritated Angel because of the insulting description and definition of Filipinos. When Angel called for action from her fans and friends to ban the site, the Twitter user argued with the actress which led to the Twitter user's nasty blog entry against Angel.

PEP asked Luis for his reaction regarding this recent issue his ex-girlfriend got involved with. Luis has been reported to be wooing Angel again.

"Well, it's disappointing for some people to react that way, when all Angel was doing was defending our race," Luis said about the issue. "It goes to show how much she values our heritage while some just don't care or take it for granted."
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Gutierrez twins reveal contrasting traits on their 26th birthday

Celebrity twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez celebrated their birthday yesterday, January 24, on Showbiz Central; their actual 26th birthday was last January 21. But before blowing out the candles on their cake, the brothers faced probing questions by Raymond's SC co-hosts.

The first question was for Raymond. Since he was the type who would not entertain questions regarding his brother's private life, SC decided to ask him just that.

EX-GIRLFRIENDS. The question was if he liked any of Richard's ex-girlfriends and if there was any one he didn't like.

"Iyong question kasi it's so strong," started Raymond. "All of the girls that have gotten close to Chard, I respect. Kasi, kung gusto nila si Chard there must be a reason, di ba? I have to say na he was at his best when he was with Georgina [Wilson]. And I became close naman with all of them.

"Siguro iyong one girl na I did not have the chance to be close with during the Kamandag days was Jewel. But if there was an opportunity in the future to know her more, why not? All of them I welcome!"

Richard, on the other hand, commented, "Raymond makes you feel what he would like or dislike. I appreciate it pero may instances na hindi kami nagkakasundo or ano. But I respect his opinion."

GIFT-GIVING. The next question for them was about giving. Who's better at gift-giving on special occasions, Richard or Raymond?

Raymond spoke first. He smiled and said, "I give really good gifts, too. But siguro Chard has the higher price tag!"

NOT INSECURE AT ALL. Richard was the first of the twins to enter show business and Raymond followed soon after when they were already in their teens. Has Raymond ever felt insecure about his brother's success?

"No, I was very supportive," said Raymond. "From day one, I was very supportive and there was no room for insecurity because I never wanted to do what he does. I gave him total support—wish ko nga for him this year is to relax more often kasi he's so busy all the time."

"Siya lang talaga maaasahan ko, so siya ang tatawagan ko to help me out," said Richard, smiling.

NOT TWINS IN EVERYTHING. Twins, they say, share the same traits physically. Do they also have the same character and other emotional qualities?

"Kay Richard mas responsible daw," laughed Raymond. "Big revelation, di ba? Siguro yung work ethic ni Chard. Grabe talaga ang dedication and after each project pinaplanuhan na ang next.

"With me naman, sometimes I don't even know what happens in show business and I come here [Showbiz Central] and get briefed. Sometimes naman I do my homework. Siya, talagang focused on everything... and I'd like a piece of that."

Richard, on the other hand, appreciated Raymond's outspoken character. "Pag ayaw niya sa isang tao, ayaw niya. Pag gusto, sasabihin niya. Hindi ako ganoon ako, e. Mas reserved ako. Siya naman, up front."

AT HIS BEST. Raymond earlier commented that his brother had been at his best when he was still in a relationship with Georgina Wilson. Has Richard ever thought about getting back with the beautiful model?

"We just can't make decisions like that," said Richard. "Siyempre, it takes time and... tignan natin. As of now, we are friends and we are communicating. Let's see what happens. Si Raymond naman talaga best friend ni Georgina and we are close. Right now I'm busy with my schedule and same with George. So, let's see."

Well, is he seeing anybody right now?

"I'm happy and content right now, and I am in love with life," smiled Richard.

That said, in came a surprise guest for the twins. It was Georgina herself and she had heard everything Raymond said about her bringing out the best in Richard.In answer to this, she said, "I don't think Chard needs a lady to be at his best. Like he is magaling na mag-isa. I don't think it should be attributed to me."
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Richard Gutierrez will perform "Papa Bear! Mama Bear!" in Full House

See a different side of Richard Gutierrez as he dances and sings along to the tune of "Papa Bear! Mama Bear!" in an effort to appease an inconsolable Jessie, played by his on-screen partner Heart Evangelista. Watch the special episode this week on GMA-7's Full House.

After weeks of seemingly endless bickering with his so-called wife, Cupid has finally found a way to soften the heart of Justin. In order to ask for Jessie's forgiveness, Justin performs the delightfully charming chant made popular by the original Koreanovela.

This is a rare occasion for Richard whom viewers don't often see dancing or singing much less perform a hip-swaying song-and-dance number on TV. "I rehearsed a lot for the scene so I'm hoping that the viewers will like it. It's not everyday that you see me dancing on TV so I'm excited to know how the viewers will react cause I'm offering them something different," said Richard. "Nakakatuwa pala siya gawin! I'm sure magugustuhan ng mga viewers lalong lalo na ng mga bata!"

Meanwhile, Luigi (Patrick Garcia) will learn of the most kept secret of Justin and Jessie—that is their marriage is only on paper—no thanks to Lisette's (Sheena Halili) big mouth. This gives Luigi more confidence to pursue Jessie, who is already head over heels in love with Justin.

Don't miss the next episodes of Full House and find out how one song—or perhaps even a dance number—can change it all. It airs weeknights after The Last Prince on GMA Telebabad.
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ELECTION WATCH: Sen. Manny Villar says celebrities endorse him not for money but because of friendship

Dumating si Senator Manny Villar sa 49th birthday celebration ng TV host na si Willie Revillame sa noontime show ng huli na Wowowee sa ABS-CBN last Saturday, January 23. Simula pa lamang ng show ay nandun na si Sen. Villar kasama ang kanyang misis na si Las Piñas Representative Cynthia Villar, daughter Camille, and sons Mark and Paolo.

Bukod dito, binigyang katuparan ni Sen. Villar ang pangarap ng 40 kabataan na anak ng mga basurero at OFWs na nakaranas ng injustice sa abroad na makapag-aral. Sumali ang mga anak ng basurero at OFWs sa "Tic, Tac Toe" portion ng Wowowee. Unfortunately, walang nanalo sa kanila kaya hindi nila nakuha ang premyo na P3 million at house and lot.

Pagkatapos nito ay kinausap ni Willie si Sen. Villar. Aniya, "Ang pangako ko sa kanila [studio contestants], makapag-aral sila. E, hindi nakuha yung papremyo. E, tuwing lalapit ako sa inyo [Sen. Villar], hindi n'yo naman ako hinihindian. Gusto ko ang inyong vision. Pangalawang lapit ko po ito sa inyo."

Matatandaang nagbigay na ng anim na bahay at lupa si Sen. Villar sa napiling OFWs sa request ni Willie at in-award sa Wowowee. Tumataginting na P1.2 million ang halaga ng bahay na ibinigay sa kanila na located sa mga subdivision na pag-aari ni Sen. Villar. Ang recipients ng bahay at lupa ni Sen. Villar ay mga contestant sa "Willie of Fortune" game portion ng Wowowee.

Sabi pa ni Willie habang kaharap si Sen. Villar sa birthday celebration niya sa Wowowee, "Kung sakali ho na kayo ay maging presidente, hindi na ho ako lalapit sa inyo. Tatawag na lang ho ako sa inyo para sa kababayan nating mahihirap. Makikiusap ako sa inyo na unahin natin ang mga taong naghihirap, mga taong nagdudusa.

"Noon hindi niyo ako iniwan, hinding-hindi ko rin kayo iiwanan," pahabol niya.

Kasunod nito ay ang hiling ni Willie kay Sen.Villar na sagutin ang tuition fee ng mga bata para makapag-aral na hindi naman tinanggihan ng tatakbong presidente sa 2010.

Sabi ni Sen. Villar, "Gusto ko yung naranasan ko nung ako ay bata, hindi na maranasan pa nung ibang mga bata. Kaya okay lang, Willie, call ako diyan. Ako, yung karanasan nila, hindi mo sigurado at talagang me tensiyon kapag bayaran ng matrikula. Ito yung nakakaawa sa bayan natin. Dapat matigil."

Nagbigay rin ng birthday wish si Sen. Villar para kay Willie.

"Ang birthday wish ko kay Willie, sana lahat ng pangarap niya sa buhay, matupad niya. Marami pa rin naman siyang pangarap. Siyempre masaya siya ngayon, lahat kaibigan niya. Isipin din niya na pagkaraan noon, kailangan din na mapaghandaan niya. Pareho pala kami na [ipinanganak] Year of the Ox, kailan ko lang nalaman," aniya.

May birthday gift din ba siya kay Willie?

"Wala pa nga, e. Pero, three million!" biro ni Sen. Villar. "Hindi, hindi... Ang sa akin, yung mapagbigyan ko ang hiling niya. Kasi parang yun naman ang hiniling niya, e. Parang more than anything I can give him, di ba? I can give him a gift but he doesn't need it, e. Dami na rin nagreregalo diyan. Pero yung hiling niya na 'yon, mapagbigyan ko parang okey na rin sa akin yun."

VILLAR'S CELEBRITY ENDORSERS. Tatlong buwan na lang ang itatagal ng kampanya para sa May 10, 2010 elections. Pawang malalaking pangalan sa industriya ang nag-e-endorse ngayon kay Sen. Villar, pero tila pawang nasa maturity level na ang mga ito. Bukod kay Willie ay nandiyan din sina Dolphy, Manny Pacquiao, at Michael V.

Wala ba silang itatapat sa Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera tandem sa kampo ni Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, na may advocacy sa mga kabataan?

Ang nag-iisang anak na babae ni Sen. Villar na si Camille ang sumagot nito pagkatapos ng show. Aniya, "Magkakaroon po kami ng parang ambassadress para sa mga kabataan, lalung-lalo na sa mga first-time voters."

Sino ang kinuha nila para maging ambassadress?

"You will see kapag lumabas na yung campaign," sagot ni Camille. "Basta ano po siya, matagal na naming kaibigan, lalung-lalo na yung mga nakakasama niya. So, magkakaroon. Masisimulan na namin yung mga programa para sa kabataan."

Ayon kay Sen. Villar, ang anak daw niyang si Camille ang in-charge pagdating sa mga kabataan. Pero bago ang kukunin nilang endorser para sa youth sector, lumabas na ang TV ad campaign ng Comedy King na si Dolphy kung saan ine-endorse niya si Sen. Villar for President sa 2010.

Hindi ba sila nahirapang kunin si Dolphy para i-endorse siya?

"Kaibigan namin kasi, e, at kaibigan din ni Willie," sagot ng senador. "Alam mo 'to, magkakaibigan din 'yan. Si Willie, kaibigan si Manny Pacquiao, kaibigan ko rin. And then, si Dolphy, kaibigan ni Willie, kaibigan ko rin. May mga ganun, e... Si Michael V, kaibigan ko rin."

Kilala si Dolphy na hindi basta-basta nag-e-endorse ng kandidato sa eleksiyon. At ito ang unang pagkakataon na pumayag ang Comedy King na gumawa ng TV ad campaign to endorse a political candidate.

Ano ang masasabi ni Sen. Villar dito?

"Alam mo, isang malaking karangalan sa akin na i-endorse ako ni Dolphy," aniya. "Malaking bagay sa akin yun. Ako ay tagahanga niya noon pa. Hindi pa ako nagbabalak kumandidato bilang Pangulo ay tagahanga na niya ako. Hindi pa kami magkakilala talaga. Magkakilala kami, pero hindi pa kami talaga magkaibigan. Nino-nominate ko na 'yan [as National Artist]. Kaya ngayon na inendorso niya ako, isang malaking karangalan sa akin at natutuwa ako diyan. "

Isasama ba niya sa mga kampanya si Dolphy?

"Hindi naman. Hindi na sasama sa campaign si Dolphy. Sapat na yun [TV ad]. Sa palagay ko, sapat na yung ginawa niya na yun. Napakalaking bagay na yun."

Taga-Tondo rin daw si Dolphy kaya naka-relate siya kay Sen. Villar.

"Oo, actually, isang kadahilanan yun kung bakit siguro nagustuhan niya akong iendorso dahil pareho kaming taga-Tondo. Magkalapit nga yung bahay namin at saka yung kanilang lugar. Ibang kalye, pero in the same area. Ang Tondo kasi malaki, may District I at may District II. Kami ni Dolphy, magka-distrito," banggit ng pulitiko.

Ang impression ng marami ay malaki ang ibinayad nila kay Dolphy kaya napapayag na mag-endorse sa kanya.

"Hindi naman. Actually, magugulat ka, wala kaming ibinayad kay Dolphy," tanggi ni Sen. Villar.

May lumalabas na balita na P30 million daw ang ibinayad nila kay Dolphy. Totoo ba ito?

"Wala nga akong binayad, e!" tawa ni Sen. Villar. "Magugulat po kayo doon."

Ang tingin kasi ng iba ay laging may katapat na pera o halaga ang kinukuha niya to endorse him?

"Alam mo, sinisiraan kasi ako ng mga kalaban din. Lahat ng... pagka lahat ng gawin namin, may pera agad. Minsan nga pagdating sa kabila, kapag may kumampi sa akin, 'Nabayaran 'yan.' Hindi naman tooo yun kasi ako naman, pinaghirapan ko naman ang pera na yun. Hindi ko naman parang tinatapon 'yan. Hindi ko naman ninakaw 'yan, e. Dugo at pawis 'yan, e. Sipag at tiyaga," saad niya.

Paano niya nakumbinsi si Mang Dolphy?

"Kasi siguro, alam mo may mga kaibigan ka rin na nagpapahalaga ng relasyon ninyo, e. Kami ni Willie, business partner naman kami, so parang... Kahit si Manny Pacquiao, hindi naman nagpapabayad 'yan. Kasi sa akin nakuha ko naman na may relasyon din."

CAMPAIGN JINGLE. Hindi maikakaila na napakalakas ng dating ng jingle sa TV ad campaign ni Sen. Villar, ang "Dagat Ng Basura," na kinanta ng mga batang mahihirap. Isa raw ito sa mga dahilan kaya umangat sa survey si Sen. Villar.

"Siguro, aaminin ko naman na maaaring isa yung kadahilanan," aniya. "Pero ang importante diyan, yung jingle plus yung nakikita nila. Kasi kung mag-jingle ka na hindi ka naman, kunyari, mayaman ka naman, gaganun-ganun ka na ikaw ang tunay na mahirap, e, di niloloko mo yung tao. E, talaga namang ganun kami nung araw. Pero yung mga bata na yun, di ba, doon lang yun? Mga taga-Baseco talaga sila."

"May iba-ibang version na nga ang kanta, e. Dapat nga siguro we should get pala different versions tapos put in one CD," banggit pa ng senador.
May balak ba silang isama ang mga batang kumanta sa music video sa mga kampanya niya nationwide?

"Depende, kasi minsan baka maano rin sila. Pero puwede rin. Iniisip din namin lahat 'yan. Kung gusto nila. Kasi baka nag-aaral din sila, e. Basta ang importante lang, makatulong tayo sa kanila, mapag-aral natin," sabi ni Sen. Villar.
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Kim Chiu reveals her first real-life kiss

No, it wasn’t with Gerald.

Teen idol Kim Chiu revealed on “The Buzz” that her first kiss happened when she was at the tender age of 14.

“Meron ‘yun pero testing lang. 14 years old pa lang ako. Sandali lang ‘yun ha,” said Kim, feeling shy.

After admitting their “super duper MU stage,” Kim’s perennial love team mate Gerald Anderson said he is willing to wait until she is ready to commit.

“Handa ako at maghihintay ako,” the young actor declared.

In a taped interview, Ruel Bayani, director of Kimerald’s comeback movie, “Paano na Kaya?” spilled that the love team’s sweetness and chemistry on-cam is only the “tip of the iceberg.”

“Nakikita kong close [sila]. Wala nang ibang mas mahal si Gerald kundi si Kim. Wala nang iba pang mas mahal si Kim kundi si Gerald. ‘Yung napapanood ng tao, tip of the iceberg lang ‘yun. ‘Yung tunay na buhay ang mas sweet,” he said.
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Dingdong Dantes denies he's going to Spain to ask Marian Rivera's father for her hand

Ilang lugar na sa Pilipinas ang napupuntahan ni Dingdong Dantes kaugnay ng Ayos Na! (Advocates of Youth and Students for Noynoy Aquino). Last Saturday, January 23, nagtungo ang Kapuso star sa Davao City at Davao del Norte para sa launching doon ng Ayos Na! at upang mag-imbita na rin ang mga kabataan at estudyante na sumapi sa kilusan.

Sa tantiya ni Dingdong, nasa 20,000 youths na raw ngayon ang registered members nila. Pero 500,000 youths and students ang target nila kung kaya't marami-rami pa ang dapat nilang puntahan at anyayahan upang maging volunteers sa 2010 elections.

"Kasi yung mga 20,000 na yun, meron silang kanya-kanyang task to recruit nine for each," banggit ni Dingdong nang makausap siya ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at ilan pang miyembro ng entertainment press sa Hijo Plantation sa Davao del Norte noong Sabado.

DINGDONG'S FULFILLMENT. Saksi ang writer na ito kung anong klaseng dedikasyon at pagod ang ibinubuhos ni Dingdong bilang National Lead Convenor ng Ayos Na!. Ano ba ang sense of fulfillment niya in doing all his tasks?

"Well, unang-una, malayo sa ginagawa ko, sa trabaho ko bilang artista. Pangalawa, I am enjoying myself... May mga responsibilities kasi, may duties kasi ang bawat citizen na minsan, wala tayong chance na magawa. Pero ito ang perfect chance for me to contribute something kahit in my own small way," paliwanag ng matinee idol.

Tinanong din ng PEP si Dingdong kung hindi ba siya nakakaramdam ng kahit katiting na takot now that he is actively participating in the presidential campaign of Sen. Noynoy Aquino kahit sabihin pang ang focus niya ngayon ay para sa Ayos Na!. Hindi ba siya nangangamba na baka magkaroon ng kaguluhan sa mga lugar na pinupuntahan niya?

"E, galing na ako dun!" natatawang sabi ni Dingdong. "Kagagaling ko nga lang sa barilan. Pero excited pa rin ako na makatulong. No, e... nothing will stop someone who has dream and advocacies."

Ang tinutukoy ni Dingdong ay ang pagdalo niya sa fiesta ng San Carlos City, Pangasinan noong April 28, 2007. Sa naturang event ay binaril ang mayor ng San Carlos City na si Julian Resuello. Namatay si Mayor Resuello pagkaraan ng dalawang araw dahil sa natamo niyang mga sugat. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

May oras pa naman daw na nailalaan si Dingdong para sa mga ganitong activities niya bukod sa kanyang trabaho bilang aktor.

OFF TO SPAIN? Bukod kay Dingdong, very vocal din ang rumored girlfriend niyang si Marian Rivera sa pagsuporta kay Noynoy. Makakasama rin ba ni Dingdong si Marian sa pagbisita niya sa mga probinsiya pag hindi na masyadong busy ang aktres sa taping ng Darna?

"Oo," sagot ng aktor. "Pagkatapos na pagkatapos ng Darna, e, sasama na siya sa pag-iikot namin. Kung saan naka-schedule."

Next week ay pansamantalang mawawala si Dingdong dahil pupunta sila ni Marian sa Dubai bilang guests sa concert nina Regine Velasquez at Ogie Alcasid. Pero tiniyak ni Dingdong na kahit wala siya sa Pilipinas ay tuloy-tuloy lang ang events ng Ayos Na! sa iba't ibang lugar.

"Tuloy-tuloy sila kahit wala ako. Tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang organization, like magkaroon ng Parañaque next week, pero wala ako dun. Tapos sa Valenzuela, yun, nandoon ako."

May balita na after their Dubai show ay tutuloy sina Dingdong at Marian sa Spain upang bisitahin ang ama ng aktres. Pero hindi pa raw ito kumpirmado, ayon kay Dingdong.

"Hindi pa sigurado kasi yung visa, medyo namemeligro pa. But I'm hoping... Malalaman ko kasi kung mare-release or hindi on the day itself na pag-alis ko ng Dubai," sabi ni Dingdong.

On Marian's part, wala raw problema sa visa nito dahil Spanish passport ang hawak ng aktres. Tinanong ng PEP si Dingdong kung sakali lang at hindi ma-release agad ang visa niya, tutuloy pa rin ba si Marian sa Spain kahit wala siya?

"Siyempre, hindi," ang nakangiting sagot ni Dingdong.

Biro naman namin kay Dingdong, kaya tuloy iniisip talaga na hihingin na niya ang kamay ni Marian sa daddy nito?

"Hindi, hindi..." ngiti pa rin niya. "Eto na lang, kung sakali man, madali namang bumalik dun. May visa na, e. At saka alam ko, ang visa, yearly yata, e. So, kung mag-e-expire, e, di magre-renew ulit."

Sa April naman daw ay siguradong mag-o-overlap na ang schedules ni Dingdong for taping, shooting, and campaign sorties. Sisimulan na kasi nila ni Marian ang taping ng pagbabalik-tambalan nila sa telebisyon, ang Pinoy version ng Koreanovela na Endless Love, at pelikula nila para sa GMA Films.
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Gerald Anderson admits he has stronger feelings for Kim Chiu

Nag-guest ang Kapamilya young stars na sina Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Melissa Ricks, at Robi Domingo sa The Buzz last Sunday, January 14, para sa promo ng tinatampukan nilang pelikula sa Star Cinema, Paano Na Kaya?. Si Kris Aquino ang nag-interview sa kanila.

KIM CHIU & GERALD ANDERSON. Kim and Gerald play the roles of Mae and Bogs, respectively, in Paano Na Kaya?. Mag-best friend sila dito na magiging mag-boyfriend. Lalabas na rebound girl o panakip-butas si Mae matapos hiwalayan si Bogs ng una nitong girlfriend na si Anna, played by Melissa.

Tinanong ni Kris si Kim kung totoo ba na pag nagmamahal ay nagpapakatanga talaga ang isang tao?

"Oo naman. Lahat ng mga gustong magmahal, gusto nilang magpakatanga sa taong minamahal nila," sagot ni Kim.

"Ako hindi!" natatawang pagkontra ni Kris sa sinabi ni Kim, na tila nakaka-relate siya dahil sa kinaharap nilang problema ng asawa niyang si James Yap. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

Dahil katrabaho ni Kris sina Kim at Gerald sa ABS-CBN primetime soap na Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo kaya madalas din silang magkausap ni Kim. Mag-nanay sina Kris at Kim sa naturang soap.

Ayon nga kay Kris, "Alam ko nakakadagdag ako sa pressure. Pag nagte-taping tayo, sinasabi ko sa iyo [Kim] na napakahalaga nito [Paano Na Kaya] sa buhay mo. So, nakakatulog ka pa ba? O dahil talagang nandun na yung patung-patong na trabaho, nandun pa yung sobrang kaba? Dahil nakasalalay talaga sa balikat niyo ang success ng Paano Na Kaya?"

"Actually, this week, sobrang naging hectic yung schedule namin," pag-amin ni Kim. "Shooting, dubbing... At last, kagabi, kaninang madaling-araw, 6 a.m. [Jan. 24], natapos na namin lahat. So, bahala na yung editing. Sabi nga namin, 'At last, nakahinga na tayo. At last, tapos na yung lahat-lahat ng pagod. Yung mga tao na lang yung bahala talaga.' Siyempre, sobra kaming nagpe-pray ni Gerald na talagang mag-hit sana yung pelikula."

Si Gerald naman ang sunod na tinanong ni Kris kung kinakabahan ba ito?

"Oo naman," sambit ng young actor. "Yung pressure nandun. Nandun talaga. Pero me and Kim, si Direk Ruel [Bayani] at ang buong staff, we're very proud sa ginawa namin... sa istorya ng Paano Na Kaya?. We're very excited at the same time."

Sa pelikula ay mararamdaman na si Kim ang mas in love kay Gerald at talagang naghintay para ibigin siya. Sa totoong buhay, sino sa kanilang dalawa ang mas malakas ang feeling for the other?

"Ako, ako po!" madiing tugon ni Gerald. "Kasi, siyempre, hindi pa handa si Kim. So, ginagawa ko ang lahat. Ipinapakita ko sa kanya na I'm ready, handa ako. Maghihintay ako."

Bakit, hindi pa ba handa si Kim?

"Bakit ka nagagalit, Mommy?" biro ni Kim kay Kris. "Siyempre, marami pa namang bagay na dapat niya i-enjoy kasi bata pa naman siya. Siyempre, dapat meron din akong mga bagay na dapat enjoy-in. Pero siyempre, masaya naman kami sa isa't isa and masaya naman kami kung ano ang meron kami ngayon. Ano, masaya lang."

Pinilit namang paaminin ni Kris si Kim na aside from Gerald na nakahalikan na niya on screen, sa totoong buhay ba ay may iba pa siyang nahalikan o wala pa?

"Sa cheeks o labi?" tanong ni Kim.

Kagaya ng eksena niyo...

"Meron, pero dati pa yun, testing lang. Fourteen years old pa lang ako noon. Pero sandali lang yun, ha. Nakakahiya tuloy!" natatawang sabi ni Kim.

Nag-react naman si Kris at sinabing, "Kinabog mo ang nanay mo! My gosh!"

MELISSA RICKS. Ginagampanan naman ni Melissa sa Paano Na Kaya? ang role ni Anna na unang magiging girlfriend ni Bogs. Pero nakipag-break siya kay Bogs.

"I was looking for someone more mature. And then when he matured, he was with Kim na," paliwanag ni Melissa sa role niya.

So, gusto mo siyang agawin?

"Hindi naman sa nang-aagaw. No, no... Pero in the end, gusto ko na magkatuluyan sila."

So, babait din siya rito?

"Maybe, tingnan natin."

Kilalang very protective ang mga Kimerald fans sa kanilang idolong sina Kim at Gerald. Hindi ba nag-alinlangan si Melissa na baka maging "most hated girl in the Philippines" siya dahil sa pakikipag-love triangle kina Kim at Gerald?

"Oh, my gosh, huwag naman!" sambit ni Melissa. "When the movie was offered to me, unang ni-reply ko sa handler ko, 'Baka magalit sa akin ang Kimerald.' Pero my handler said, 'No. They know na you're friends [with Kim] and the role is very good.' It's my first also for Star Cinema. So, I'm happy na my first movie was with Kim and Gerald."

Hindi naman napigilan si Kris na intrigahin si Melissa sa pagsasabing parang may common denominator sila ng Pinoy Big Brother Double Up ex-housemate na si Sam Pinto. Ang tinutukoy nga ni Kris ay si Jake Cuenca, na inamin ni Sam na dati siyang idine-date ng aktor. Ngayon naman ay nanliligaw si Jake kay Melissa.

Ang tanong ni Kris kay Melissa: "Nagagandahan ka sa kanya [Sam]?"

"Yes, she's very pretty," sagot ni Melissa.

But does Melissa think she's prettier than Sam?

"I don't know," ani Melissa.

Bigla namang sumingit si Kim at sinabing:"Oo naman [mas maganda si Melissa]! Siyempre friend ko si Mimi [palayaw ni Melissa]."

Kung friends sila ni Kim, ayaw niya bang maging friend si Sam?

"Siyempre, gusto din," sagot ni Melissa.

ROBI DOMINGO. Robi plays the role of JC sa movie, na family friend ng character ni Kim. Binubuyo sila ng mga parents nila para maging sila.

Ayon kay Robi, nag-enjoy siya sa kanyang first movie.

"Ang galing po kasing magdirek ni Direk Ruel. Tapos ang ganda po ng cast, especially kasama ko po sina Gerald at Kim. Na-overwhelm po talaga ako," wika ni Robi.

Bakit siya na-overwhelm?

"Kasi yung parang iba po yung taping sa shooting, e. Iba po yung camera... yung angle niya. Lahat po iba."

Bukod sa apat na young stars, kasama rin sa cast ng Paano Na Kaya? sina Ricky Davao, Rio Locsin, Janus del Prado, Alwyn Uytingco, IC Mendoza, Jon Avila, Bernard Palanca, Cai Cortez, Empoy Marquez, Guji Lorenzana, with the special participation of Rica Peralejo and Zsa Zsa Padilla.

Directed by Ruel S. Bayani, ipalalabas ang Paano Na Kaya? sa mga sinehan simula sa January 27.
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Jaya spills SOP's internal problems; BandaOke! doing well

What's ailing GMA-7's Sunday musical-variety show SOP Fully Charged?

This question haunts even the show's remaining mainstays, with most of them seriously wondering that perhaps the changes implemented by management late last year caused more harm than good for the 13-year-old noontime show.

"We are going through something. Kaming mga talents, we're as confused as whoever. Kasi binago 'yong format, so hindi talaga namin alam kung anong pakiramdam ng viewers. Let's face it, it's not really rating as well as it used to," singer Jaya admitted in a sit-down interview with some members of the press held yesterday, January 19, at GMA Network Studios in Quezon City.

"Ang masasabi ko lang," she continued, "sana maakit namin ulit ang mga viewers because obviously, the other show [ABS-CBN's ASAP XV] is also very nice. And I also watch that show kasi siyempre gusto ko ring makita kung anong kaibahan sa amin."

Jaya particularly misses the program's trademark concert-like format which was significantly reduced to give way to modern segments tailor made for the young demographics.

"We used to sing well on put-together numbers. We used to have Basil [Valdez] come in, we used to have tiny orchestra. Bigay mo lang kung anong hindi makita ng tao sa Araneta [Coliseum] o ibang concert venues. Hindi ko din alam kung anong mali. Basta kami, we try to do our best na lang," said the singer-TV host.

Jaya—who had a string of OPM classic hits in the past like "Dahil Nga Ba Sa Kanya," "Laging Naro'n Ka," and "Wala Na Bang Pag-ibig," among others—refused to comment on rumors saying that SOP co-host Regine Velasquez is seriously thinking of leaving the show and even the network.

"Honestly, I haven't seen her in three weeks and wala namang nabanggit si Ogie [Alcasid, Regine's boyfriend]. Hindi ko alam, e. Huwag naman sana."

HAPPY WITH BANDAOKE. While Jaya is very vocal in expressing her discontent with SOP, the veteran singer on the flipside is very pleased with the strong showing of BandaOke: Rock n' Roll to Millions.

The said show replaced the long-running sing-along program All Star K! The 1 Million Peso Videoke Challenge, which was also hosted by Jaya and stand-up comedian Allan K. BandaOke is aired every Sunday after Mel & Joey.

Complementing the singing duo are young performers Geoff Taylor, Francheska Farr, Jay Perillo, and the BandOke Band.

"Malakas pa rin naman ang viewership and nag-e-enjoy kami. The band, considering na bata sila, natututo na talaga silang sumabak sa ganitong klaseng show," said Jaya.

She added, "Ang BandaOke is really doing okay... Masaya kami. Walang nabago, it's the same company, same fun, same friendship—mas lumalim pa nga. Feeling namin, talagang blessed kami na magkaroon ng dalawang show kasi maraming struggling. Masaya kami na may pinagkakakitaan kami na marangal and masaya."
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