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Monday, March 8, 2010

Body Talk with Paul Jake Castillo

Is it a minus factor to be rich?

Followers of the recently-concluded ABS-CBN reality-TV Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up Edition suspected that Paul Jake Ceniza Castillo, 25, lost to Melisa “Melai” Cantiveros because he comes from a rich family in Cebu that owns big businesses (among them Casino Alcohol which was endorsed by no less than Kris Aquino). And because she comes from a humble family in GenSan, Melai was said to have gotten the “sympathy” votes just like Nene Tamayo, Ruben Gonzaga, Keanna Reeves and Ejay Falcon before her.

“I never thought of that,” admitted Paul Jake during an exclusive one-on-one (arranged by ABS-CBN PR man Kane Choa) inside Big Brother’s House where he and the four other finalists have remained after the grand finals last Feb. 13 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

“When we entered Big Brother’s house,” he continued, “we were equal, carrying only our clothes, no rich and no poor. We did the same phones, no celfones, no TV, no radio and no contact with the outside world,” except when his girlfriend of three years, Denise Jalandoni, paid him a visit “on-cam.”

Was he disappointed that he didn’t win?

“Honestly, I didn’t want to win. I was scared of the obligations and what people might expect from me.” He bagged P500,000 cash and a laptop (“I haven’t gotten it yet”).

Born (the second among four children) with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth in Baltimore, Maryland, on Dec. 22, 1984 (Capricorn), Paul Jake was raised in Cebu since he was a baby. He finished kindergarten at the Child Development Care Center (CDCC), grade school at the Cebu International School (CIS), high school by home study and college (Business Administration) at the University of San Carlos. He also studied for one year in Christ Church, New Zealand, before entering college.

Paul Jake stands 5’8”, weighs 155 lbs. and wears medium-size shirt and briefs.

How was your diet inside PBB?

“Each of us was given a budget of P500 a week but we had to earn it by accomplishing the tasks. We were given a grocery list. We shared the same food.”

Did you manage to take three square meals a day?

“We couldn’t tell what the time was because there were no clocks around; we told the time by looking at the sun. When it was up, then we assumed that it was lunch time; when it was down, then it must be 4 o’clock p.m. When it was raining, then patay kami doon. Hindi namin malalaman what time it was na. It was Tibo who usually cooked for us. Magaling siya magluto.”

What was usually for breakfast?

“Rice and eggs, sometimes with canned goods from 555. We usually just took two good meals a day, brunch and dinner. When we lost in the weekly tasks, we were fed gulay, gulay, gulay! Healthy diet.”

What was the hardest weekly task?

“Mostly dance numbers; not really that hard.”

Not cleaning the toilet?

“No naman. But it wouldn’t have been hard or a big problem.”

But you are used to having maids at home. How many maids ba do you have?

“Four. But our parents taught us to do household chores. We make our own bed. We don’t order the maids to get (a glass of) water for us; we get it ourselves. D’yan galit ang Papa namin — making the maids do things which we ourselves can do. We are not spoiled. Our family leads a simple life.”

Do you have a sweet tooth?

“Yes. I love chocolates. I missed chocolates inside PBB. The only chocolates we had were Chocnut.”

How much sleep did you get per night?

“I don’t know; we don’t know. I hope we’re getting the required eight hours. But we have no way of telling.”

Favorite sleep wear?

“Pajamas and shorts.”

Never in the nude?

“No way. Remember, there were cameras all over.”

At home, what’s your favorite sleep wear?

“Shorts also.”

Do you snore?

“Yes, but only when I’m very tired.”

Do you talk in your sleep?

“I actually do. But since I’m a light sleeper, I wake up before I can say something incriminating. Hehehehe!”

Do you sleepwalk?

“Thank God, I don’t. But I think I did once — yes, inside PBB.”

How many pillows do you sleep with?

“Inside PBB, three. At home, three also.”

When you woke up in the morning, did you and the other housemates fight for time in the bathroom?

“There’s one rest room and one shower room. Each of us was allowed to use the bathroom for five minutes.”

Did you have time to work out?

“There’s a treadmill and there are weights, available to anybody who wants to work out. Kapag walang task, nagwo-work out kami. I actually developed some muscles inside PBB. I was thinner before I got inside PBB.”
Favorite sport?

“Football and airsoft (war games).”

What part of your body needs improvement?

“My tummy.”

What part is most vulnerable?

“My head. When I’m stressed out, I get a headache.”

And what part of your body is your favorite?

“My shoulders.”

What part of a girl’s body do you notice first?

“Her face.”

How do you cope with stress?

“Inside PBB, the stress was caused by missing your family. I coped with it by working out, enjoying the tasks, keeping in shape and exchanging stories with the housemates.”

What’s your favorite pastime?

“I just hang out with friends, we drink kaunti. My friends come from all social levels, rich and poor, different types. I don’t look at people as mayaman or mahirap. I hate people who are matapobre. We were not brought up that way.”

When you want to get away from it all, where do you go?

“Well, I leave Cebu and fly to Manila to visit my girlfriend. She’s working in Manila once a month.”
Are you faithful?


How do you deal with temptation, hmmmm, from over-aggressive women?

“I haven’t found myself in that situation. Honestly? I won’t give in.”

Your outlook in life?

“I worry a bit but generally, I look at the positive side of life.”

Name three women you think have nice bodies.

“Aside from my girlfriend? I can name just one, Kate Beckinsale.”

And three men?

“I hardly look at a man’s body.”

Using only body language, how would you make a woman know that you admire her?

“Maybe I would so something unintentional that I may not be aware of. I really don’t know!”


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