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Monday, March 29, 2010

Anne Curtis decides not to sue tabloid

“Showtime” host Anne Curtis is heeding her father’s advice to not sue the local tabloid that published the controversial photo of her wardrobe malfunction in Boracay recently.

“My dad told me na you’re above all of these. They’re below your dignity. ‘Wag ko na lang silang patulan. Pag-uusapan pa sila if I go through with suing them. Hahaba pa ‘yung issue, so ‘wag na lang,” the actress and host told “The Buzz.”

Anne’s Australian father, James Curtis-Smith, is a lawyer.

She added: “He actually called them gutter press because these people are below the standards of normal press people. That’s below-the-belt.”

The “Babe, I Love You” star broke down when relating how she was greatly affected by the controversy.

“It’s the misfortune of someone else; they took it to their advantage. It’s my embarrassment. Nakakahiya ‘yung nangyari sa’kin, and they used it for what? Para kumita ‘yung kanilang tabloid. It’s masakit,” she said.

Directing to everyone who has maliciously spread her nip slip photo/video, Anne cried:

“Nas’an ‘yung konsensya ninyo na meron kayong nasasaktan, pinapahiya? Sana nakakatulog kayo nang maayos. Kasi ako hindi. And it’s really painful [coz] I’m not doing anything to anyone. Ang gusto ko lang naman is to make people happy, to promote my movie, to do my job.”

She reiterated that the incident was not in any way a promotional stunt for her soon-to-be released film with ex-boyfriend Sam Milby.

“Hindi ko naman kailangan [gawin] ‘yun. Bakit ako gagawa ng isang gimmick that would disrespect, violate myself? Anong klaseng utak meron kayo? And hindi ganun ‘yung movie. ‘Yung movie, feel-good,” she reasoned.

Taking all that she learned from what happened, Anne said she simply wants to move on.

“I just want to move on. It’s like a bad dream that happened and I’m awake. So, sana lahat ng mga tao kalimutan na din ang nangyari,” she said.


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