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Monday, January 25, 2010

Gutierrez twins reveal contrasting traits on their 26th birthday

Celebrity twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez celebrated their birthday yesterday, January 24, on Showbiz Central; their actual 26th birthday was last January 21. But before blowing out the candles on their cake, the brothers faced probing questions by Raymond's SC co-hosts.

The first question was for Raymond. Since he was the type who would not entertain questions regarding his brother's private life, SC decided to ask him just that.

EX-GIRLFRIENDS. The question was if he liked any of Richard's ex-girlfriends and if there was any one he didn't like.

"Iyong question kasi it's so strong," started Raymond. "All of the girls that have gotten close to Chard, I respect. Kasi, kung gusto nila si Chard there must be a reason, di ba? I have to say na he was at his best when he was with Georgina [Wilson]. And I became close naman with all of them.

"Siguro iyong one girl na I did not have the chance to be close with during the Kamandag days was Jewel. But if there was an opportunity in the future to know her more, why not? All of them I welcome!"

Richard, on the other hand, commented, "Raymond makes you feel what he would like or dislike. I appreciate it pero may instances na hindi kami nagkakasundo or ano. But I respect his opinion."

GIFT-GIVING. The next question for them was about giving. Who's better at gift-giving on special occasions, Richard or Raymond?

Raymond spoke first. He smiled and said, "I give really good gifts, too. But siguro Chard has the higher price tag!"

NOT INSECURE AT ALL. Richard was the first of the twins to enter show business and Raymond followed soon after when they were already in their teens. Has Raymond ever felt insecure about his brother's success?

"No, I was very supportive," said Raymond. "From day one, I was very supportive and there was no room for insecurity because I never wanted to do what he does. I gave him total support—wish ko nga for him this year is to relax more often kasi he's so busy all the time."

"Siya lang talaga maaasahan ko, so siya ang tatawagan ko to help me out," said Richard, smiling.

NOT TWINS IN EVERYTHING. Twins, they say, share the same traits physically. Do they also have the same character and other emotional qualities?

"Kay Richard mas responsible daw," laughed Raymond. "Big revelation, di ba? Siguro yung work ethic ni Chard. Grabe talaga ang dedication and after each project pinaplanuhan na ang next.

"With me naman, sometimes I don't even know what happens in show business and I come here [Showbiz Central] and get briefed. Sometimes naman I do my homework. Siya, talagang focused on everything... and I'd like a piece of that."

Richard, on the other hand, appreciated Raymond's outspoken character. "Pag ayaw niya sa isang tao, ayaw niya. Pag gusto, sasabihin niya. Hindi ako ganoon ako, e. Mas reserved ako. Siya naman, up front."

AT HIS BEST. Raymond earlier commented that his brother had been at his best when he was still in a relationship with Georgina Wilson. Has Richard ever thought about getting back with the beautiful model?

"We just can't make decisions like that," said Richard. "Siyempre, it takes time and... tignan natin. As of now, we are friends and we are communicating. Let's see what happens. Si Raymond naman talaga best friend ni Georgina and we are close. Right now I'm busy with my schedule and same with George. So, let's see."

Well, is he seeing anybody right now?

"I'm happy and content right now, and I am in love with life," smiled Richard.

That said, in came a surprise guest for the twins. It was Georgina herself and she had heard everything Raymond said about her bringing out the best in Richard.In answer to this, she said, "I don't think Chard needs a lady to be at his best. Like he is magaling na mag-isa. I don't think it should be attributed to me."


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