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Monday, January 25, 2010

Luis Manzano says drama is more demanding than action

Luis Manzano had to give up his hosting job in Entertainment Live for ABS-CBN's new talent show, Pilipinas Got Talent.

"I will be gone for six weeks, since I have to go around the Philippines for PGT," Luis said in an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) recently. Luis will tour with co-host Billy Crawford to scout for Pinoy talents who'll peform in front of celebrity judges Kris Aquino, Ai-Ai delas Alas, and former ABS-CBN president Freddie M. Garcia.

Aside from PGT, Luis is slated to start a movie with the Young Superstar Judy Ann Santos and Popstar Princess and box-office queen Sarah Geronimo. "The title of the movie is Hating Kapatid," informed Luis about his movie with Juday and Sarah which will be under Viva Films.

GOING TO THE GYM. Despite his busy schedule, Luis always makes it a point to go to the gym to workout. Luis does this not only to keep his muscles in proportion, but because of the health benefits of keeping one's body in shape.

But not too many know, that aside from lifting weights and running the treadmill, Luis trains in the Thai martial art, muaythai or Thai boxing, a striking art that uses the "eight limbs" (for punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing). Luis revealed that he's been honing his muaythai skills for four years now.

In fact, in one interview with ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin, she was thankful Luis did not accept her challenge to spar with her in muaythai. Angel has been doing muaythai after her Asian Treasures stint, and was trying to see how serious Luis was in courting her then.

"Buti na lang, di ako pinatulan. Magaling pala sa muay si Luis," Angel said in that interview.

But how good is Luis really in muaythai?

"Ah, that's for my coach to answer, he-he-he!" Luis humbly said.

Videos of Luis doing padwork and light sparring somewhere in YouTube show the young actor—who used to be greeted by his Star for All Seasons and now Batangas Governor mom with "I love you, Lucky" in her show VIP (Vilma In Person) back in the '80s—really knows how to throw those punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes.

MMA TRAINING. And recently, Luis revealed he's now into mixed martial arts or mma. This style of combat sport, which was popularized by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), involves the use of punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, throwing and different submission moves like choking and arm locking. Luis has been training under Anthony Chua of Gold's Gym.

Since Luis is so much into combat sports, PEP asked him if he has any plans of competing in local versions of the UFC, like the Fearless Fighting Championships (FFC) and the Universal Reality Combat Championships (URCC).

"If I have the time, I would like to compete," Luis replied. The actor knows a few hours of grappling, striking, and strength and conditioning in the gym will not win him even one round in a professional mma match.

The same problem with time applied to his love life last year after his breakup with the very civic-minded Angel. He has no time to woo other girls or even go on a date.

"I was too busy. And I was out of the country [after the breakup]," related Luis.

Luis was out of the country then for the shooting of his movie with mom Vilma Santos-Recto and John Lloyd Cruz. In My Life, his blockbuster drama movie with his mother and Lloydie, was partly shot in New York. The movie saw Luis doing heavy drama with the Star for All Seasons and the young Box-Office King.

DRAMA IS MORE DEMANDING. Luis admitted that despite his height, his built, his looks and his skills that read "Action Star," he is more at home and finds more challenge in doing drama, especially, the heavy ones.

"I think drama is more fulfilling. It has more demands, more emotions used," explained Luis.

The 28-year-old actor's preference to do drama is not surprising. He is, afterall, the son of two top caliber and award-winning actors: Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano, both of whom shine brightly, especially, when doing drama scenes.

But right now, both his parents are in a different world—the world of politics. While Ate Vi had already served his constituents and is planning to serve them more by winning a reelection, Doods, plan to serve a greater number of people once elected as the second most powerful man in the country.
PEP asked Luis if he is going to set aside his busy schedule to help his parents come campaign time.

"I cannot. Good thing my parents both respect my schedule and my commitments," Luis said.

Speaking of commitments, PEP asked him about his experience as a new "certified concert artist." Luis, together with his Kanto Boys co-members—John Lloyd, Billy, and Vhong Navarro—performed live in Cebu last January 9.

"It was successful!" enthused Luis. "I was nervous beforehand, but I was able to feed off from the people. Iba talaga ang mga Cebuano. Then a big sigh of relief and accomplishment after."

HIS EX'S ISSUE. Recently, Angel was reportedly involved in an argument with a Twitter user over a fake Wikipedia-like site. The site irritated Angel because of the insulting description and definition of Filipinos. When Angel called for action from her fans and friends to ban the site, the Twitter user argued with the actress which led to the Twitter user's nasty blog entry against Angel.

PEP asked Luis for his reaction regarding this recent issue his ex-girlfriend got involved with. Luis has been reported to be wooing Angel again.

"Well, it's disappointing for some people to react that way, when all Angel was doing was defending our race," Luis said about the issue. "It goes to show how much she values our heritage while some just don't care or take it for granted."


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