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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marian,Dingdong more open about relationship

Opening on Wednesday in theaters nationwide is the much-anticipated second movie team-up of popular loveteam Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Entitled “You to Me Are Eerything,” the movie is the latest collaboration between GMA Films and Regal Entertainment.

If Mother Lily is so excited about the movie, it’s because she believes in the tandem of Marian and Dingdong, that they are the most loved and most followed loveteam in the country today. Their screen partnership provides the “kilig” factor that fans are looking for, and since they are also real-life sweethearts, such “kilig” factor is doubled. As they say, “what you see (in them) is what you get.”

They no longer hide their feelings, they’re very open and so affectionate to each other and people who see them are moved. In “You to Me Are Everything,” Dingdong and Marian translate the electricity of their romance on screen and surely their fans will be tillilated no end.

Marian portrays Iska, a cheerful and unassuming Igorot maiden whose life suddenly changed when her estranged father dies and leaves her with a multi-million fortune. Being raised in the province, Iska is clueless of how she would live her life in the city – until she meets Raphael (Dingdong Dantes).

Shot partly against the breathtaking mountains of Baguio and the lush landscapes of Benguet, “You to Me Are Everything” also stars Jaclyn Jose, Isabel Oli, Bobby Andrews, Pinky Amador, Roxanne Barcelo, Manilyn Reynes, Fabio Ide, Victor Aliwalas, Chinggoy Alonso, AJ Dee, Andrea Torres, Bella Padilla, Carlo Gonzales and Jai Reyes.

“You to Me Are Everything” is directed by Mark A. Reyes.


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